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Their story


She left the office world behind to pursue a dream of floral design, and being a small business owner. Her goal is to bring joy and happiness to her clients through the simple beauty of flowers, candles, and pottery. Anna helps clients pick out floral arrangements that will perfectly reflect their unique personality, and assists others in choosing a gift that will say exactly what they want to that special someone using the language of flowers and more.


Lyle served his country as a U.S. Army Green Beret and has turned to a life of wood and clay. After the many deployments and rigors of Army Special Forces lifestyle, he wanted to find some solace and peace in this world. He decided to take pottery classes, and finally found that peace and calm he was looking for. He takes these elements of earth and turns them into beautiful works of art. Together he and Anna help their clients find that perfect piece of pottery that not only compliments the floral arrangement, hand-poured candle, or dish garden, but also a piece that is bound to make a lasting memory.