Air Plants Are SOOO Easy!!

As you have noticed, I have a LOT of air plants in my posts as added decor. Not only do they add so much life to any space, but they are also surprisingly easy to take care of. I've found what works for me is plunging them in a bowl of water 1 time a week (If you're a forgetful mom like me, it could be 1 time in two weeks.). Let them soak for about 30 minutes, and then let them dry completely UPSIDE DOWN!! That is the very important part, because you don't want the water to stay inside the leaves and create a root rot. I'll attach pictures of my favorite variety of air plants. Keep in mind, these are AIR plants. They thrive off the moisture of the air(plus the once a week watering), so no soil or planting is necessary. They are so EASY! #planttherapy #houseplants

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