Gift Giving Ideas!

As a floral designer and business owner, I want to help my customers see that I am not your average florist. First, our unique concept sets us apart with using pottery that is meant to be enjoyed after the florals fade. Second, I want to try to get a vision across., and let you know that you can think outside the normal box! Not all flowers need to be in just a vase! Let’s say you want a pottery/floral piece, but want to be practical as well. My first suggestion would be a coffee mug arrangement. It’s essentially the gift that keeps on giving, especially for coffee or tea lovers. Other suggestions I’d recommend would be anything that is a vessel shape. That could be a candle holder, Jack O Lantern, or anything else that could hold water or floral foam!!

Another gift idea is a living dish garden. Lyle creates my pottery planters, and I place the plants. I love planting plants, so we added this to our inventory as well! A few weeks ago, I had a beautiful pottery dish garden for sale, and the buyers wanted to send it as a birthday gift. They asked if I could add balloons. Again, we aren’t your average florist so we don’t offer balloons, but what I was able to suggest was a hand-poured Birthday Cake soy candle!! It was wrapped up in a box and sent along with her pottery dish garden. It's a delight to be able to offer something different and unique.

We are quickly approaching the holiday season, and we can help with that as well. I can help get your floral centerpieces ready for your tables, and have a candle in the very center!! We will have a little something for everyone on your shopping list this season. If you do have specific gift ideas, please get your orders in early rather than later! As makers and crafters, we need all the time we can get to make your orders to perfection!

All gifts are wrapped and packaged to make the buying experience even more special. We look forward to helping you this season!

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