Succulents don't Succ!!

So I've had a lot of customers, and friends tell me that they have zero luck with succulents. Guys, give it a try. Here are some tips on care. First, make sure that you have your plant sitting at the window. Anywhere that is bright and sunny is best. I don't suggest leaving it outside, because unless you live in a more arid climate, the plant will not do well due to the amount of rainfall we get here in NC. They only need to be watered 1-2 times a month. Mark it on your calendar if that helps! Just remember, succulents are in the cactus family...cactus live in the desert...they don't get much water at all! Be sure to water them at the base of the plant; not from the top(water droplets act as magnifying glasses when sun hits the leaves and can leave scorch marks.). So the more neglect, the better. As a mom and a business owner, my plants get neglected more than they should, but somehow they're still alive! :)

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