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I tried and failed several times last year when I first endeavored to make wood wick candles.

Some may assume that candle making is an easy feat, but in fact, there’s a lot of trial and mostly error. Measurements have to be exact. It’s not mere magic that a candle can burn wax all the way across a vessel, but with a little fairy dust and a whole lot of math it can happen. Wicks have sizes, and each size will need to coordinate with the width of each different vessel. Too large, and the candle will smoke; too small and the candle will immediately start tunneling.

With all that said, wood wicks are a different animal entirely. Not only do the proper measurements apply, but also the longevity of the burn. Getting back to my first attempts last year, I tried numerous things to get them to work, even soaking them in olive oil for a few days! They’d stay lit for a few hours, and then burn out. Upon relighting them, they’d stay lit for a few minutes and then go right out.

What’s changed, and why can I now get it “right”?? The purest answer I can give you is I found better quality. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is so very true, especially when trying to create a good product.

Ok, so I’ve done my homework and research. Now it’s your turn...don’t worry...its not too arduous a task. So, you’ve received your candle. You're excited! It smells wonderful, and looks beautiful!

Make sure, that when you light it, that you plan on it being lit for 2-3 hours. Wax has a memory, and if the wax pool reaches all the way across the container, it will continue that pattern after being relit.

That’s the first thing you need to do, and then the second, is to trim the wick ! Confession, I hardly ever trim my other cotton and paper wicks...BUT with these it is most definitely imperative that you do. It helps the candle to burn better, and ultimately reach its potential.

The above picture is what an untrimmed wick looks like. If you light it just as it is, it will NOT burn well.

After trimming, this is what the wick SHOULD look like!!!

That’s it!! Just keep trimming before each re-lite.

Enjoy and happy burning!!

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