What's so special about Raku Pottery??

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Raku firing is an ancient Japanese technique that has been used for hundreds of years. In Japanese, the word Raku means "pleasure" or "enjoyment." It's meant to be admired for it's sheer beauty and raw elegance. It's been used by Japanese artists since the 1600's.

The process of firing Raku pottery is so much different than regular kiln fired pottery. Regular pottery pieces are cooled gradually after the kiln has finished firing. Raku pots are taken from a kiln while they are still glowing red hot (with special tools) and are placed into various materials that are sure to catch fire on impact with the glowing pot. The various materials used include: sawdust, newspaper, horse hair, straw, and more. Once the pot is plunged into this combustible material, it is immediately covered to starve the pot of oxygen. Once this happens, the glaze on the pot is given an incredible and one of a kind look. Now, we can use glaze oxides that create a metallic and shiny look to our pots.

Raku pottery is not food safe; it doesn't reach a hot enough temperature to become food safe. True to it's name, it's meant to be merely enjoyed. We decided to turn our Raku pots into candle holders and planters. What better way to enjoy lovely aromas and living creations than in a beautiful decorative piece?

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